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in which dan and phil try out dating apps, aka the most awkward video to have ever existed [x]

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do you think dan and phil used to get drunk and chill on the balcony back in manchester talking about life until sunrise

Anonymous asked
So an inhabited island with great weather; a little windy, mostly sunny but sometimes a bit cloudy too, for 7 months. There will be food, but not that much and you need to share and catch fish or other animals. You won't have a house at first, but Dan/Jack will build you one! So, who will be your survivor guy?


Choosing Jack because -

-We’re VERY similar so after the initial panic (and awful grumpiness) of being stuck on an island, we’d get on fine and probably have lots of lols.

-He’d manage without the internet and I fear for Dan without wifi.

-He’s quite tidy so wouldn’t mess the hut up (that I’d have to build).

-Phil would miss Dan too much so would be mean to choose him.


*this pizza serves 4-6 people*

bitch, the only person eating this pizza is me


Just a friendly reminder that Phil completed a degree in English Language and Linguistics and then a post graduate in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television and a Master of Arts in Video Postproduction with Specialisation in Visual Effects at the University of York and in 2011, he won a Guinness World Record for fastest coin stacking, placing 25 coins on top of each other in 31.617 seconds.

And he won a game of cards against humanity.